Consignment Contract

The trained staff at Spoiled determines price based on market research. Markdowns may occur at Spoiled’s discretion. Coupons, promotions, tag sales, auctions, etc. may be used toitems to sell. may be displayed in-store and/or through all eCommerce available to; and deemed appropriate by Spoiled.

Merchandise is left at consignor risk. Consignor guarantees that items are authentic and permitted for resale. Spoiled is not responsible for items that are lost, stolen or damaged. Containers, bags, hangers, shoe boxes, etc. used to drop off merchandise may not be returned. 

Merchandise can be consigned by drop-off or appointment. If an item does not sell by the expiration date consignor may contact Spoiled to request a pick up for the item. Requests may begin one day after the expiration date up until 7 days after the expiration date otherwise items become property of Spoiled. Requested items will be held for 7 days from the request date. If items are not picked up by that date they become property of Spoiled. Early requests are subject to a $50.00 fee and are not guaranteed. Spoiled does not contact consignors regarding item expiration date. 

Item fees will be deducted before the consignor split is calculated. Consignors receive 40% on items priced $499.99 and under. Consignors receive 50% on items priced $500.00 and up. Credit from items sold will automatically be applied to consignors Spoiled consignment account and will not expire. Funds in that account used toward future purchases at Spoiled  will be granted a 10% discount off those purchases. Funds requested will be sent to consignor via check or PayPal payment.  Misplaced checks can be reissued for a $35 stop payment fee. Spoiled does not contact consignors regarding account status or balance. 

“No thank you” items include all items that cannot be successfully positioned at this time. This may be due to season or what is currently selling. Once Spoiled accepts items, both through drop-off and appointment, a team further assesses each item for condition, smell, trend, inventory, demographic, authenticity, etc. It is possible that items will be deemed “no thank you” at this step. Please use the below list as your official consignment list. If you left any items at Spoiled that are not on this list they are considered “no thank yous”. In regards to “no thank you” items, please indicate your preference below: (Check only one option. If both options are checked, or no options are checked, Spoiled will defer to the first option and donate “no thank you” items.)

_________ I would not like to pick up no thank you items. Items that are not picked up become property of Spoiled and eligible “no thank you” items will be donated on my behalf. 

_________I would prefer to pick up my “no thank you” items from Spoiled . “No thank you” items will be available for pickup by consignor for up to 7 days from the date this contract is sent out. Items that are not picked up by that time become property of Spoiled. Spoiled does not contact consignors regarding “no thank you” items.